Slackware on Cubietruck

I (standing on the shoulder of others) have ported SlackwareARM to Cubieboard’s Cubietruck.

µSD image builder script is available @ (mirrored @ )

The script just requires a vanilla Slackware host (possibly even just any GNU/Linux host, haven’t tried.)
This gives you a very minimal system (even missing libmpfr, reinstall aaa_elflibs and/or mpfr packages during the first boot.)
See the script for more details and configuration variables.

I haven’t uploaded a ready-to-use image but if you ask nicely…

Some kind of Emacs on Android

  1. install Lil’ Debi (silently wish there was a Lil’ Slack)
  2. on the Android device (in an $(adb shell) or the Terminal app
    1. su
    2. /data/data/info.guardianproject.lildebi/app_bin/shell
    3. cd /etc/apt/
    4. sed -i ‘s|stable|testing|g’ sources.list
    5. apt-get update
    6. apt-get dist-upgrade
    7. sed -i ‘s|testing|unstable|g’ sources.list
    8. apt-get update
    9. apt-get dist-upgrade
    10. apt-get install emacs24-nox

slackpkg+, pourquoi, comment ?

Avant t’avais des scripts en pagaille pour installer les packages du Grand B.ob, le multilib du même Grand Bo.b, sans doute d’autres provenances louches aussi. Bref, la zone un peu dans ta Slackware™.

Arrive slackpkg+ !

C’est là : Le site de slackpkg+ Le .txz est là : L’URL du package proprement dit

Tu télécharges le bon package que tu installe (je t’apprends pas comment ça fonctionne, tu sais déjà (et si pas tu communiques avec la communauté ou/et moi, ‘k))

Tu édites /etc/slackpkg/slackpkgplus.conf pour configurer tes petits repositories préférés. Moi j’ai fait ceci :

--- /usr/doc/slackpkg+-0.9.1/slackpkgplus.x86_64.sample 2013-05-05 21:16:57.000000000 +0200
+++ slackpkgplus.conf   2013-06-30 15:25:28.644666296 +0200
@@ -8,17 +8,16 @@
 # Accepts regular expressions. To give order to an entire repository use "<repository_name>:.*"

 # Examples:
-#PKGS_PRIORITY=( restricted:vlc )
+PKGS_PRIORITY=( restricted:* )
 # If you want a multilib system, uncomment the multilib repository and set:
-#PKGS_PRIORITY=( multilib:.* )
+PKGS_PRIORITY=( multilib:.* )

 # List repository you want to use (defined below)
 # remember to launch 'slackpkg update' if you modify that row.
 REPOPLUS=( slackpkgplus alienbob restricted slacky )

 # Define mirrors (uncomment one or more mirror; remember to add it to REPOPLUS)
 # Note: only multilib,alienbob,restricted,slacky repositories does supports GPG. If you add other
 #       you may need to disable gpg check in slackpkg.conf
@@ -33,7 +32,7 @@

 # Slackware current - x86_64

Tu regardes si des fois t’aurais pas blacklisté du superflu dans /etc/slackpkg/blacklist

--- blacklist~  2013-05-21 16:51:02.688190591 +0200
+++ blacklist   2013-06-30 15:15:53.264690493 +0200
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@

et là, l’air nonchalant mais content de toi tu

# slackpkg update gpg
# slackpkg update
# slackpkg upgrade-all

et tu danses dans la joie.


Following an unfortunate update tinuage, your host’s host, fell sick and pucked away all it binaries. Spent maybe 3 hours, with maybe 45 minutes not just watching terminal lines flying by, rebuilding tinuage from scratch (ThrustVPS’ most recent Slackware image is a 13):

1. backup what can be saved
2.install image
3.connect to it

# wget -c
# installpkg slackpkg-2.82.0-noarch-5.tgz
# echo "" >> /etc/slackpkg/mirrors
# echo "kde" >> /etc/slackpkg/blacklist
# slackpkg update && slackpkg upgrade-all && slackpkg install-new && slackpkg clean-system
# reboot

4. create a normal user
5. reconfigure what needs to be
6. restore WP backups

But I can’t  follow -current here as the latest glibc requires a kernel 2.6.32 minimum and this runs an positively ancient 2.6.18 (really?!). Oh well, I guess I’ll learn what it feels like running stable software…


To remember to use screen and have the basic commands memorized I added this at the end of my ~/.zshrc

echo "GNU screen cheat sheet: [ ]"
echo " screen -S <XXX>  #create new session named XXX"
echo " screen -r <XXX>  #resume a detached session named XXX"
echo " screen -x <XXX>  #attach to running session XXX"
echo " (in screen): C-a d #detach from this session"
screen -list

(full config available @

Blinis lardons-olives

Pour 6 blinis

* Ingrédients
** 1 yaourt
** 1 œuf
** ½ pot de farine
** ½ pot de son d’avoine
** ½ sachet de levure chimique
** 1 pincée de sel
** 200g de lardons
** une poignée d’olives
* Préparation
** faire griller les lardons
** tout mélanger
** laisser reposer 1 heure
** faire cuire à la poêle, retourner quand les trous se forment


this->skillset += {
   cold_brew_coffee, // fail
   dvorak, // todo
   android_app, // done
   astrophotography_with_gettho_supported_smartphone, // todo
   mobileorg, // doing(?)
   tiếng_việt, // todo
   relax, // possible?